Welcome to Benni Krueger Art

“I preserve frequencies in Colour, Light and Sound.”



Chaos is an essential element of Benni Krueger’s life. It is not his habit to enjoy an empty day, or leave a single moment of his time unspent. Benni could live several lifetimes in the space of one, and it is from this noise and mayhem that his art flows without boundaries. Benni is a sound engineer, music producer, an IT solutions architect, a graphic designer, a picture framer, a rock and crystal collector, an historic drill press restorer, a water filtering enthusiast, a piano tuner, a guitar luthier, and a philosopher of metaphysics. Benni’s art captures a moment in time, when by chance, chaos came to rest for a second. His work is unexpected, intense and articulate. Some will feel provoked, others will feel calmed. What you will find here are the timeless remnants of sound, light and colour. A faint afterglow, rendered from infinity, and now projected through the comfort of your own eyes. You are invited to take a look, and discover a place where time and space does not exist.