Chroma Globes











Chroma Globes is my first series of artwork and it marks the awakening of my artistic style, which draws upon a fascination for all things extraterrestrial. In this artwork you will find beauty in chance. Where from a random process, something unique and interesting has come to my perception of this reality; and like other lifeforms it is a splendour simply because it is, and what it is cannot be planned or controlled by the human mind.

Chroma Globes began as a colourful poster paint (Tempera) artwork which originated from the lack of canvas materials and as a result I made use of some repurposed plastic container lids, hence its circular shape. The artwork only refined to what you see here when I began scanning the painted lids and processing the colours within the virtual domain. At that point I began experimenting with shading and I realised that the orb like nature of this artwork had a strong resemblance of colourful globes and hence the name for this series was born. Whether distant planets, or mass of another sort of energy I wasn’t sure, and still I am not sure, but it inspired me to embark on a journey of exploring otherworldly possibilities within the realm of physical and digital hybrid art.

What I enjoy about these pieces is the intricate detail that never stops to amaze me, especially upon zooming right in to the microscopic details. There are many hidden surprises which draw the viewer into a state of discovery. A closer look can quickly reveal a colourful universe complete with nebulas, galaxies, distant worlds and cosmic rays.

When I first started working on this artwork back in 2014 I had no idea what it could develop into and so I just left all possibilities open, little could I know that the technique I developed over the two and a half years while processing the Chroma Globes would become a cornerstone of my creative pallet.

I have chosen to exhibit my Chroma Globes creation through my website because it purveys an interactive dimension of movement which breathes life into these images in ways that allow the viewer to launch straight into their own expedition of exploration.

My series of Chroma Globes does not try to resemble anything from the realm of thought or matter.

It is upon the viewers perception to see what it is or could be.









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