In the past, my life evolved entirely around sound and music. I started making music when I was a child and I got into sound recording when I was a teenager. A few years later, in 2006 I graduated with a Diploma in Audio Engineering and Music Production.

I soon after establishing myself as an engineer and record producer, finding purpose in life through my passion for sound and music.

Eventually having worked on hundreds of projects that spanned the globe, surely I was on a path to success.

But in 2011 my life changed unexpectedly when I was diagnosed with a hearing disability, in the following 3 years I suffered from repeated sudden hearing losses during which I lost my hearing almost entirely, luckily I was able to retrieve some of my hearing but I am now depending on hearing aids to have conversations.

All of this eventually resulted in my early retirement from my audio engineering activities.

And so I began searching for alternative ways to express myself creatively, though it was not until I joined art class that I discovered my keen interest in exploring abstract art.

Being devastated by the loss of hearing, I was fortunate to find a teacher who could facilitate my much needed creative transformation from sound to vision and consequently unlocking the creative powers I held within; as well as restoring my purpose in life.

Therefor this site and its artwork is dedicated in its entirety to my teacher Marcel Baaijens, without whom none of this would exist, and without whom I would not be the person I am now.





My painting style could be described as randomly spluttering, smudging and squashing colourful paint. My inspiration articulates conscious accidents resulting in abstract and irrational artwork that doesn’t attempt to portrait anything from the physical world that surrounds us.

In my artwork, visual attraction is the result of portraying the invisible. Scanning my paintings at high resolution lets tiny accidental details emerge like looking through a microscope and allowing the viewer to see unexpected textures, while astonishing patterns and three-dimensional shapes emerge from the dark, creating kaleidoscopic formations of contrasting colours.

Once digitised, I process my paintings in the virtual domain, elevating visual perception to multi dimensional and staggered geometry of mysterious microcosms. What once dried on paper, plastic, glass or wood, now appears immersed in the virtual infinity of computer-generated imagery. Yet the imperfection of hand made movements and the force of gravity permeates its digital presence, therefor preserving the true essence of its physical origin.

Paintbrushes are typically used for deliberate action through intention thus depending on the process of thought, and that is what I am trying to remove from my process. Because a tool that relies on a thought defined process usually results in a predictable outcome, and that can be as much of a creative impediment as it might empower the anticipated result.

However, for me the fascination happens when thought is removed entirely. The void created by lack of intention is filled instead with random factors that allow things to happen unconditionally. For this reason my artwork does not involve paintbrushes or fabric canvases.

I try to avoid conventional ways of making art. Moreover, braking the pattern of my own habits appears to be a fundamental ingredient of all my artwork. For this reason I don’t mind improvising or trying things I have never done before.

I am instinctively drawn towards colours, so I will unreservedly colourise whatever surface I have at my disposal, while I often salvage what others reject; Recycled wood, glass, paper and plastic are among my favourite surfaces.

My process challenges coincidence and minimises control because the controller is the controlled, therefor expectation and convention play no part in this artwork. Gratification happens when accidents and chaos present themselves with vibrant colours of fluorescent, radiant, illuminated and ultra violet striations.

I love contrast and I have an eye for microscopic subtleties. Smashed, squashed, squeezed and smudged by hand, or printed with random objects.

My artwork evaporates energetic colour that presents itself in electric shades, hues and fades, as well as embedding the underlying snapshot of my inner journey.





Info about my art studio to be added shortly.



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